Friday, December 7, 2018

My fave background characters in The Christmas Toy

Watching Jim Henson's Christmas Toy holiday special has been a yearly tradition in my family since the special aired on December 6th, 1986 on ABC! We recorded the puppet driven special onto a VHS tape that me and my brother would watch countless numbers of times. Over the years we lost that tape, but a few years ago I discovered the Christmas Toy on DVD and picked it up. Now my 3 kids can enjoy this amazing holiday tradition each year. 
The Christmas Toy has 3 main characters that are the center of the story. Rugby, Apple & Mew. But there are so many fantastic background characters in this movie that you can watch this every year and discover someone new in the playroom. Below are 5 of my favorite toys:
 Bleep The Robot
Bleep actually plays a fairly large roll in the film and has a few fun moments. I have always been a fan of the old school looking tin robots and Bleep fits the bill.
Defenders of the Castle
These colorful little soldiers never leave their post, but they will take a break from their duties to sing a rousing number called "Toys Love to Play"! I always thought these guys and their castle playset would have been so much fun to have.
 Dauntless Dragon
What kid wouldn't love a huge stuffed dragon like Mr. Dauntless here? Unlike some of the other toys in the play room he is huge and you can easily spot him in some of the scenes. He really is a very cool looking toy.
Ditz The Clown
Ditz has a very small part in The Christmas Toy, but it's a big one! He is the first toy we see get frozen after he is spotted out of place by one of the humans that live in the house. Thank goodness Christmas spirit can save the day. His name should tell you all you need to know about this toy's personality. 
The Rabbit in a Baseball Jersey
I don't know why, but I have always loved this little guy. He is truly a background character in this movie. He has no lines is mostly in the back of every shot he is in and he doesn't do anything that affects the overall story. He is just a cuddly looking bunny ready to smack a few home runs and that's pretty awesome to me!
The Christmas Toy is one of my favorite holiday movies and I hope one day it will be released in HD with it's original open and ending featuring Kermit The Frog! Until then I can always enjoy these clips on YouTube.

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