Monday, June 3, 2019

Throwback Jam of the Week: 6/3/19

Throw on your black suit, black shades & black shoes and hit the alien infested streets of New York as we take you back! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK...
Artist: Will Smith
Song: Men In Black
Album:  Men In Black: The Album (1997)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 1
Bonus Fun Fact: Coko from the group SWV provides the background singing vocals on this track. This song samples heavily from Patrice Rushen's 1982 song "Forget Me Nots". Won the 1998 Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. This song was covered by The Chipmunks for their 1998 album "The A-Files: Alien Songs".


  1. I prefer Wild Wild West over Men In Black - The movie and the song.

    1. You can't beat a Will Smith Summer blockbuster!