Friday, October 25, 2019

Halloween Comicfest 2019

Tomorrow is Halloween Comicfest! Don't know what Halloween Comicfest is? Here is a quick rundown: In 2012 Diamond Distributors started the Halloween Comicfest event. This event is similar to Free Comic Book Day. Kids dress up in there costumes and are given free comics at their local comic shop. Even if you are not a kid trick or treating for comics is still allowed for the adult collectors. Each comic given away has some sort of Halloween twist to it and range in ratings from Mature to All-Ages. My kids and myself love this promotion, not only because it gives them an extra day to go out and show off their costumes but because it is FREE! My family will be attending and these are the comics I am most excited to pick up!
THE HUNTER'S HEART!  As the implacable bounty hunter who tracked down HAN SOLO, BOBA FETT earned his reputation as one of the greatest villains in the galaxy.   But what happens when Boba Fett picks up the trail of an actual villain?  Find out what kind of heart - if any - beats under that MANDALORIAN armor!
(W) Greg Pak (A) Marc Laming
When Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, and Zatanna are continually late to class because of their crime-fighting, they are sentenced to finding an after-school club for a whole week ... or else they'll be suspended! But finding a club is not as easy as it looks, and when the girls keep finding themselves kicked out of the clubs they like, they must think outside of the box and go outside their comfort zones to avoid suspension. This first chapter from the DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: AT METROPOLIS HIGH graphic novel is perfect for ages 6-10 and a great entry point into the DC Universe.
The Road to IRON MAN 2020 starts here!  From the cusp of tomorrow's dreams to the forefront of imagination, one man always soars on the cutting edge of adventure! You know his name. Tony Stark is Iron Man.  And Iron an idea. Always changing. Always evolving. An idea without limit!  The future is now. Strap in!
(W) Dan Slott (A) Valerio Schiti (CA) Alexander Lozano
Showcasing Miles first appearance from Ultimate Comics Fallout #4! The Ultimate Universe's Peter Parker is dead, felled by a bullet and his arch-nemesis the Green Goblin. But though the teenage web-slinger is gone, his memory lives on with the introduction of the new Spider-Man - Miles Morales!
(W) Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer (A) Mark Bagley, Sara Pichelli, More
Join Usagi as he faces off against a rather unusual- and monstrous- adversary! This free spooky tale featuring everyone's favorite rabbit samurai is sure to delight trick-or-treaters of all ages!
(W) Stan Sakai (A/CA) Stan Sakai
A lot of comic shops go all out during this event and put on costume contests, invite special guests and giveaway fun prizes. My comic shop will just be giving away the comics, which is still okay by me. To see if your local comic shop is holding an event, check Halloween Comicfest news or see all of the comics being given away this year visit!

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