Friday, January 17, 2020

Remebering DJ Kat & the Fox 5 Kids Club

Who doesn't remember running home from school in the mid 80s to mid 90s so they could watch cartoons? I know I do. Myself and my brother would get home from school and turn on our TVs by hand to watch such classics as Tiny Toons, Bobby's World, Masters of the Universe, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Ghostbusters and Duck Tales. Our Mom let us watch until around 5pm when Diff'rent Strokes starring Gary Coleman came on. 
That's when we knew it was time to crack the books and do our homework. To this day that theme song still conjures visions of math, social studies and English books ready for me to pencil in my answers. Then one day in 1988 we turned on FOX 5 and we were introduced to an afternoon cartoon host like no other, by the name of DJ Kat!
Now, unknown to me DJ Kat had been around for a few years prior on his own show during Saturday mornings from November 28th, 1987 - December 26th, 1987. His show was then moved to Sunday mornings until December 24th, 1988. Here is a clip of the show:
Myself and my brother never really paid attention to this show, probably due to us having our usually regimented Saturday morning viewing mapped out so we could see our favorite shows. So, this was something new to us when he debuted as the host of the Fox 5 Kids club.
DJ Kat was wisecracking, funny and cool by late 80s standards and most importantly of all, he helped me become a member of the Fox Kids Club.
When you joined the Kids Club it was something special. You really felt like you were a part of something big. To prove this you got your very own membership card with the Secret Code on the back so you could receive exclusive messages and in addition to this you also got...
a FREE subscription to one of the best kids magazines of all-time, Totally Kids Magazine! This thing was packed with games, puzzles, crafts, interviews, previews of upcoming cartoons, advertisements and exclusive comics featuring everyone from The Tick to Batman! It was amazing and I would re-read these all the time until every word had sunk into my brain making me ready for any Fox related conversations that may have broken out on the schoolyard. I may still have a few of these hanging around somewhere, man I hope I do. This magazine was AMAZING! If you ever had a subscription, you know what I'm talkin' bout!
But I digress, back to DJ Kat. I've read online that the original 1987 version of this character came off as abrasive and rude and that's what caused the show to be revived and revamped in 1988 with a new puppeteer by the name of Craig Marin and a new co-host to hang out with in his dank, urban clubhouse. No longer did he have Elizabeth Rose by his side, no, the DJ Kat I know and love had the bubbly and cute Jennifer Davis played by Carmen De La Paz. I may or may not have had a crush on her back in the day? Honestly, I can't remember?
Either way, DJ Kat was a fun character who introduced our weekday morning cartoons after school and he was the coolest guy because he introduced me to the Fox 5 Kids Club! By the way, I still regret not sending in my fan artwork of DJ Kat to the show. I really think it had a chance to be featured, but my brother said it sucked and I never sent it in. Let that be a lesson kids, don't listen to your brother when he says things suck! Now let's take a final look at DJ Kat as he takes on WWF Superstar Jake "The Snake" Roberts! I wonder who is going to win?
Side note: I will never forget when DJ Kat said the letters WWF stood for Weird, Wimpy Fakes! That must have really chaffed The Snakes tights!


  1. I only vaguely remember DJ Kat, I don't think that he went over too well with me. I did find it interesting though to see you mention that you watched MOTU in the afternoon, because where I grew up, it was on in the morning. G.I. Joe and MOTU were my before school cartoons, eating my cereal and watching those two was my pre-get ready for school routine for what seemed like years.

    1. Yeah, like I said DJ Kat only came onto my radar when he started hosting segments in between our usual cartoon viewing. Never watched his show. We had early morning cartoons too, but they were the likes of Video Power, Widget The World Watcher and Mr. Bogus!

  2. Totally remember both the FOX 5 Kids Club membership and Magazine, and I did send my fan art in and it was features on the show. To this day, I’m hunting for the episode to show my wife and kids that I was once famous.

  3. Does anyone know where to watch episodes? My fiancé wrote a letter one time that was read on the show & I would love to find it for him. Thanks!