Friday, December 18, 2020

More Holiday Christmas Comic Covers!

I still love collecting comic books and I will always love the holiday season. So when it comes to comic books with special holiday stories or variant covers, you can almost bet that I will pick those up. I was going through some of my long boxes of books again this past weekend and pulled out these issues just to show you some of the cheer that can be found inside the pages of these heart warming graphic novels. Can't wait to read some new stories this year! So let's visit with the Ghost of Christmas past and take a look at some of these classic holiday covers from the days of yore! ENJOY!


  1. That IDW Turtles cover is really great! I really liked, and still do like, the style of art in those books.

    1. The art as well as the story telling has been consistantly good for the first 112 issues! Can't wait to see where it goes next with the whole "Mutant Town" storyline. Exciting times to be a TMNT comic book fan!