Friday, January 22, 2021

Opening Superman #75!

In January of 1993 one of the biggest events ever in the history of comics took place. Something we never thought we would see...Superman had died! The vicious and ultra powerful Doomsday had taken the Man of Steel down in an epic battle for the fate of Metropolis! This Doomsday creature seemed to have no real reason for this destruction except his overpowering drive for carnage. It was an epic way to take down the worlds greatest hero and in our hearts, we all knew he would be back again. But for that one moment all of comic fandom shed a tear at the sight of a fallen Kryptonian. The man stood for truth, justice and the American way. In a sense we saw that ideal destroyed by a monster so vile that good could not overcome, it could only sacrifice itself for the betterment of a nation.
That being said, I was a comic collector at the time, but I mostly focused on the Archie "Adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comics. It wasn't until this "Doomsday" event that I became an avid reader of Superman. I missed picking up a first printing of Superman #75, but was able to find a 4th printing in a bundle pack at our local K-Mart. I read it and even though it was tragic, I loved it. This comic kicked my love of comics and collecting into full gear. 
It wouldn't be until about 20 years later when I was able to find a first printing "Memorial Set" of Superman #75. Now, I am opening it, to share with you the great stuff that was packed inside. 
First of all, you get this fantastic looking "Tombstone" variant cover of Superman #75. The back of the book contains an ad for the upcoming "Funeral For A Friend" storyline. This story then set the stage for the "Reign Of Supermen" event that introduced us to Cyborg Superman, Steel and Conner Kent aka Superboy!
Next up is a "PROTOTYPE" trading card from the "The Death of Superman" set from Skybox. Who didn't love getting free non-sport trading cards in the 90's? The card features the same tombstone artwork as the variant cover above. My only complaint with this card is the total lack of foil. Would a little bit of bling have killed ya?
Also packed in this bag was an obituary from the Daily Planet. This piece of memorabilia is a little macabre, but still a very cool historical document.
This armband was included so fans of the Boyscout in Blue could litterally wear their emotions on their sleeves. When you wore this foil pressed armband it showed that you were in mourning over the passing of Supes. These were worn by some characters in the DC Comics universe like Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman. It was like the comic world had meshed with the real world. It gave fans a connection to the characters on the printed pages they were reading.
A set of commemorative stamps! These are not the "sticker" type but the lick and stick type. Not sure why these were included. Were they supposed to represent a collection of images sold by the Metropolis Post Offices? If so, why would they include a photo of a deceased Superman or a pic of Doomsday? I have so many questions about this item!
Finally, there was this AWESOME poster! It shows many of the major DC personalities giving their respects to their fallen brother. Pallbearers included Justice League teammates Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Robin. I really need to get this framed and hung in my man cave aka my former basement room that kids have taken over with their Calico Critters table, Little People playsets and Hot Wheels tracks! Below is a clip from E! that covers the event from 1993. I hope you enjoy this little slice of nostalgia and never forget the time "...THAT A SUPERMAN DIED."