Friday, September 10, 2021

New Ghostbusters Toys

 I am a huge Ghostbusters fan and I have been since I watched the VHS at my friend Ron's house back in the mid 80's. This movie was more than just a mindless summer blockbuster, but it was humorous, had a great & original story, outstanding cast and really captured the imagination of a generation. It inspired us all to stand up to our fears and bust them! Today I am glad to say that I have been able to share that same feeling of wonder and empowerment with my kids. They have seen both films and a number of the animated "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon and they genuinely enjoyed them. To say that we are excited for the new Ghostbusters Afterlife movie is an understatement. It looks so cool!

The teasers and trailers alone have not been enough to satiate our hunger for more ecto plasm splattering fun. We are counting down the days to the November 11th release date. To help bridge the gap between then and now I have picked up some of the new Ghostbusters toys for my kids to enjoy and create their own adventures. 2 of their birthdays are coming up and they will be gifted with these surprisingly cool action figures and vehicle. I am so excited to see their reactions when they bust these open in a few weeks. Let's take a look and see what we've got to look forward to:

Freaking AWESOME, right? I'm glad I was able to score the Ecto-1 at Target, but I had to grab the Ghostbusters themselves on Amazon. Surprisingly, they were $1 cheaper online than the would have been if I bought them in the store. I'm still on the lookout for the Venkman with Terror Dog. The Muncher ghost looks pretty cool, but I can't help feeling like he is a sort of bootleg version of Slimer? I guess I should wait to see the movie before I pass final judgement. Like I said earlier, I hope my kids are excited to see these when they unwrap them on their birthdays. I know I look forward to partaking in their adventures just like I did back when me and my older brother were kids. Hoping this movie is what will keep the franchise going for generations. See you at the theater on November 11th...hopefully!!!


  1. These look cool. Looking forward to the movie.

  2. Wow, you're store is stocked. I went to Target the other day and only found the blue munch ghost.

    1. The only toys my Target had were the Ecto-1 and Muncher. The rest I bought on AMAZON and like I said above they were actually $1 cheaper online than buying in the store.

  3. Man how cool would an afterlife cartoon be!?!