Friday, January 14, 2022

Non-Sports Card Showcase #1

I have loved collecting cards since I was 6 years old. Recently it's been a bit of a hassle keeping up with the hobby by attempting to actually locate products or seeing the huge prices secondary sellers are trying to get. Regardless, I still enjoy opening a fresh pack of cards whether it be baseball, basketball or Garbage Pail Kids! Recently I was sitting in my basement with my kids going through some of my collection and I realized that I have some pretty cool non-sports cards. Today, I'd like to share a few of those cards with you. Let's begin!
2005 Topps #255
In the 2005 Topps basketball series you would find these "Rookie" cards of celebrities. Some of the celebs included were Shannon Elizabeth, Carmen Electra and Jay-Z. Not sure why these folks were included in several Topps sets that year, but at least I now own a unique card of one of the dopest MCs of all-time!
1997 Sports Time Playboy #P
In the 90's I was a teenager, therefore I was a big Jenny McCarthy fan. I had her posters on my wall, watched "Singled Out" on MTV and also had a few of her *ahem* magazine appearances under my bed. I found this card on ebay for $1 and it reminded me of those early days of my youth. I have never seen any other cards from this set and the only Playboy card in my collection is this promo card...for nostalgia reasons of course.
2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #34
My kids and I are big fans of the American Ninja Warrior show on NBC. My kids even went to a "Ninja" gym for a few years, so when the opportunity arose for me to take my kids to meet one of their idols Jessie Graff...we took that opportunity! My work was sponsoring a speaking engagement featuring Jessie Graff and former NFL player/Ninja Warrior host Akbar Gbajabiamila and we were invited to a VIP meet and greet with them. I bought these cards immediately so my kids could get them autographed. We all had an amazing time and Jessie took about 20 minutes of her time to sit and talk with my kids before signing their cards and taking some photos. It was fantastic and they still talk about the experience to this day!
1990 TMNT Soundtrack Sticker
Anyone who was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan in the early 90's knows what this is. Every copy of the TMNT Movie soundtrack included one of these stickers. My original sticker that was in the cassette tape me and my brother bought ended up in a sticker book somewhere. Luckily when I recently purchased a CD copy of the TMNT Movie soundtrack, the sticker was still inside! I slipped it into a top loader case at it remains there for me to take out and admire from time to time.
Bo Jackson - No Caine
Okay, this one is kind of a cheat since it includes Bo Jackson, but it is so odd that I had to include it here! Some people have told me this was handed out at ball games back in the 80's, others told me it was a poster of this card that was handed out and this was a bootleg card of that poster that was made to capitalize on Bo Jackson's popularity. I don't know the origins of this card and honestly I don't care. It's an odd piece to have in my Bo collection that teaches us all an important lesson...TURN YOUR BACK ON CRACK! Thanks for reading! Did you collect non-sports cards back in the day? If so, let us know what your favorite sets to collect were in the comment section below.


  1. OK - these are so cool and lots of fun. Neat story meeting Jessie Graff.

    1. It really was cool. This year the keynote speaker at this event is supposed to be Tony Hawk!

  2. Jenny has quite a few Playboy cards out there, most of which feature her in various states of undress. They're not something that I collect, but I've certainly seen enough of them around over the years. And I don't know if you know or not, or even care for that matter, but there is also autograph and relic cards for Jessie Graff in that years Goodwin set.

    1. Might have to search out one of those Jessie Graff relic cards. Thanks for the info!