Monday, October 23, 2017

Halloween Movie Recap 2017: Part 1

Every October me and my wife hold a "Scary Movie Marathon". This year was no different. We try to pick a new movie or show each day that gets us ready for the Halloween season. This year the majority of movies we watched were on Netflix. Here is a short list of some of the films we watched and what I thought of them. Please don't be upset if I didn't like something you liked, we all have our own opinions and tastes in horror movie cinema.

The Void (2016)
The movie starts out with a man escaping from a house where he and a girl were being held captive. He is found on the side of the road by a bored local officer named Carter. Deputy Carter brings the man to a hospital and is followed by some cloaked figures that surround the hospital. That's when the terror comes in! This movie was a crowd funded project, so I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, but the story went a little crazy towards the end and was kind of hard to follow and understand. I've got to say that I really did enjoy the practical effects and monsters were pretty cool looking. Overall, I came away from this one pretty disappointed.

Cult of Chucky (2017)
First of all I want to state that I am not a huge fan of Chucky's movies, but I did watch the "Curse of Chucky" last year and enjoyed it. This movie "Cult of Chucky" picks up after the events of Curse which was nice because they didn't have to waste a whole lot of time setting up the characters. The film makers just went straight into the craziness on this one. The story takes place in an asylum where Chucky tries to finish the job he started in the last film. I was not a huge fan of the way Chucky was able to so easily create new versions of himself and transfer his personality into other dolls/people. In my opinion the film was okay and not a total waste of my time. I saw it once and more than likely not again. It's okay if you like gore and want a decent Halloween scare.

The Invitation (2015)
I watched this movie on a recommendation from a friend at work and was not disappointed. The movie involves the character Will heading back to his home where his ex-wife now lives with her new husband for a dinner party. After the death of their son Will and his wife separated and she hadn't been seen for 2 years. What has she been doing in that time? I did enjoy the suspense of the movie, but I felt the showed their hand a little too early. I knew something was crazy about these people at the party, but what? Were they vampires, werewolves, a cult? I didn't know! But once a video was played at the party it was pretty clear where this film was going. The one thing that I felt was scary about "The Invitation" was that the protagonists in the film were just people. Everyday people with a terrible agenda! I would recommend checking this film out, just to see the twist at the end of the movie! What's the deal with that red light anyway?

Tales Of Halloween (2015)
This was probably my favorite new movie we have watched this season. It's an anthology sort of like "Trick R Treat" where all the stories can be tied together by one single Halloween night. There are ten stories in this anthology and the majority of them are pretty damn good! My faves would have to be "This means War", "The Ransom of Rusty Rex" and "Friday The 31st". I highly recommend this film, especially for your Halloween movie marathons!

The Babysitter (2017)
Wow! This movie was a surprise! It starts out so sweet with a young boy, Cole who has a crush on his babysitter, Bee. They have lots of fun together when Cole's parents are out of town, but things take a grim turn for the worst when Cole stays up past his bedtime and witnesses the unspeakable acts of Bee and her friends! The friends find out Cole had seen them and The Babysitter becomes a tense game of cat & mouse with some humor sprinkled in just at the right time! My favorite part of the movie is when Cole is caught and about to be murdered when his house starts getting egged. The would be killer has a moment of sympathy for the boy and gives him a pep talk on how to confront his bully! The humor and gore are mixed so well that you really don't notice the plot holes or question the characters motives. It was a fun watch and I would recommend it!

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