Friday, June 22, 2018

Marvel Annual 2017 Cards!

Oh man! I couldn't believe these when I spotted them at a local Dollar Tree store. Upper Deck Marvel Comics cards for $1...YES PLEASE! There are 4 cards per pack, which is standard for Dollar Tree card packs and the odds of grabbing an insert were pretty good! The insert sets are "In Memorium Cards" (1:10), "Rookie Hero Cards" (1:10) & "Comic Cover Cards" (1:1.25). I grabbed one pack just to see what was inside and I was not disappointed. Here is what was inside.
I got a Quicksilver, Slizzik & Jessica Jones base card. These pieces of cardboard are slices of laminated perfection! The artwork is very nice, the layout is solid and each card has silver foil stamping! I am a sucker for shiny things. Time to flip 'em over!
We have some nice cover artwork featuring each card specific character and a very short snippet of what happened to them in 2017. This set is sort of a yearbook for Marvel's characters. But the greatest thing about these cards is the Attributes meters! Who knew Jessica Jones has an intelligence level of 2! I do question the ranking of Quicksilver's speed at only a 5. Isn't he supposed to be the fastest mutant alive? I mean even Slizzik's speed rating is a 6! I call shenanigans on this one. Either way these rankings remind me of my favorite Marvel cards of all-time, Marvel Universe Series 3!
I did end up pulling one of the insert cards from this pack. I got a "Rookie Heroes" card of Ironheart
I will be picking up more of these cards from the Dollar Tree. I may not get the whole set, but the fun is in the chase! Take a look at some more of the cards in the unboxing video below!


  1. I may have to snag some of these up at some point.I'm not cray about the borders but I'm sure In hand they'll look better.

    1. They really do look better in person. The silver foil is pretty sweet! For $1 you can't go wrong.