Friday, June 29, 2018

Sonic The Hedgehog Trapper Keeper

I uncovered this official Sonic The Hedgehog Trapper Keeper at a local thrift store buried behind some old electronics. The price was right at $1.99 and now I own the fastest way to keep my doodles in order! This reminded me of my own personal Trapper Keeper experience as a kid.
I believe it was around 3rd grade when I received my first Trapper Keeper like product. It had Garfield on the front, It had a pencil pouch on the inside right next to the 3 ring binder and paper slots. The only issue was that this was not an official Trapper Keeper!
Kids can be cruel at a very young age and they can sniff out a knockoff from a mile away and then use that as ammunition for embarrassment! I love my Mom and as I started to explain this to her it was like I was the Fresh Prince caught in a verse of "Parents Just Don't Understand"! Luckily for me, this bootleg Trapper Keeper featured Garfield and Garfield could withstand the torment of not being an official Trapper Keeper! I loved that Garfield folder and used it for quite a few years until it started to break along the folds.
Decades later I finally became the owner of a true Trapper Keeper and I was very happy! I was always a Mario/Nintendo guy, but I do have a deep appreciation for Sonic and his many games that have graced my screens over the years.
I wonder why these school organizational items fell out of favor with the kids? They featured some of the coolest characters around and were very functional as they kept your homework crisp and your reports in ship-shape order! As a kid I couldn't wait for school to be over, but now I wish I could go back to those 80s grade school days! Thank you Sonic Trapper Keeper for helping me remember those good times! You truly do rock!
Oh and before you leave, here is a look at the inside of this modern marvel. ENJOY!


  1. I never owned a Trapper Keeper in the 80's and looking at the other kids who did, I'm glad I didn't. Those things always split right down the seam and became useless within weeks. Plus, they didn't exactly have much capacity for "storage" - Which probably contributed to the splitting issue.

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    2. YES! That is exactly what happened to mine! It ripped along the creases and no amount of tape could ever hold it together again!

  2. Yes!!! Trapper Keepers! Bring 'em back!