Friday, November 30, 2018

It Came From The Closet!

Recently I was searching for something in our back basement closet and as usual I dug out the boxes of old loose toys for my kids to play with. I want them to have the same great memories of playing with these figures as I did as a kid. These are the memories of happiness that have stuck with me for a lifetime, also it makes me happy to see them bringing joy to another generation. Okay, let's get past the sentimental gushy stuff, because as I was cleaning I rediscovered some cool stuff that I forgot I even owned! These are just a few of the items I have packed away.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin: Action Packs
I bought this full box of Batman cards at the local Goodwill for a couple dollars. I intend to one day have a room that I can display my collection of retro goodies. My plan is to have a section devoted to my full boxes of retro trading cards. For a few dollars this was worth the pickup!

Kevin Smith Autographed Inaction Figure
I spent the first 20+ years of my life growing up in NJ and when I noticed a fellow Jersian was making it big as a movie director I was on board. I enjoy Smith's View Askew movies like Clerks, Chasing Amy and Mall Rats, so on one of my return trips to NJ I visited the Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash comic shop in Red Bank where I purchased this autographed figure for around $10. I actually got the chance to interview Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier on their tour bus a while ago. He is a great guy and took the time to answer my questions, pose for some pictures and give me some swag. If you have the chance to see Smith live, I recommend you go!

Gremlins & The Goonies VHS Tapes
The Gremlins VHS is actually the tape I had as a kid! I loved this movie and every year during the holidays I try to convince my kids to watch it with me. So far, I have had no takers, but I feel like 2018 is the year my kids will give in and watch Gizmo & Billy fight the good fight against Stripe and his evil mischief causing Gremlins! The Goonies VHS, I saw at a thrift shop for a quarter and I just couldn't say no!

Signed Pointer Sisters Poster!
The Pointer Sisters were hot stuff back in the 80s, so when I found this old autographed poster in my office I had to take it home! Every year our local theater hosts a big fundraising event and in 2004 the station I work for was the media sponsor. As a thank you the headliners of the fundraiser, The Pointer Sisters, signed this event poster and presented it to the station. Obviously nobody cared to hang it, because I found it jammed between a locker and filing cabinet. I was so excited to find this! BTW am I the only one who thinks of that Saved By The Bell episode were Jessie over does it with the caffeine pills when you hear the song "I'm So Excited"?

Power Rangers Tiger Electronic Game
Not much to say here. I was a fan of the Tiger electronic handheld games as a kid, my younger brother was into Power Rangers when they were at the height of their popularity and seeing this game at a thrift store brought a bunch of those memories flooding back. It was only 50 cents, but when I got it home and popped in some AA Batteries, it didn't work. I just don't have the heart to throw it out!

Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page: Come With Me CD Single
I admit that I was a huge fan of Puffy back in the day and when the hype train for the new Godzilla came rolling into town this song played through it's horn! I actually liked the song and bought the Cassette single. I had a friend at school who asked if I would trade my cassette single for his CD single and I said yes. It is still in my collection today! My son has become a big fan of the Godzilla movies and we recently watched the 1998 Godzilla movie and he enjoyed it, so it was no surprised he started jamming out when the song "Come With Me" played during the end credits. Man, I remember this video being one of those big MTV events that they hyped up for weeks.  


  1. My kids are too grown for the toys these days but my niece is 5 and insanely into action figures.Nothing beats the look on her face when I walk in with a bag of toys for her to dig into.Good stuff here,man!

    1. It's great to see a new generation enjoying the things we did as kids, isn't it?

  2. Yeah,they have no clue what the datestamp says,to them its just another cool toy!