Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween 2018 Recap

Halloween has always been a fun time in my family and this year was no different. I loved going around town with my friends as a kid and causing mischief while collecting free goodies from our neighbors. Those memories are so vivid in my mind. I hope my kids have the same nostalgia for this night of ghosts and goblins as I do as an adult and they can pass it down to their kids.
The season started off with our traditional trip to the pumpkin patch so we could find the perfect specimens for our jack-o-lanterns. This trip would not be complete without a trip through the corn maze! This is my favorite part of the trip. Unfortunately this year I missed out on the maze due to a prior engagement to work with the Alzheimer's Association. At least I missed it for a good cause. I was still able to meet up with the fam in the pumpkin patch.
We each picked our pumpkins and carved them the weekend before Halloween. My kids carved a crying/laughing emoji face, a cat face and a ghost! I carved James Kochalka's comic character Johnny Boo! My kids love the Johnny Boo comics and if you have kids I highly suggest checking them out.
Of course Halloween is a fantastic time for tricks and treats and Burger King outdid them self by treating us all to the ultra tasty Nightmare King! It's a Whopper patty, with a fried chicken patty and bacon on top on a green bun! I had to hit up BK a few times this October, because the thing is so damn good! They need to keep this on the menu all year round. I would buy it every time!
We hit up Halloween Comicfest at our local comic shop and the owner had no limit on the comics my kids could take and he gave them candy! I was able to grab the comics I wanted which were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, Spider-Man and Jughead: The Hunger!
On Halloween my wife and I took the kids trick or treating. Not many kids in our town go door to door anymore. It's mostly trunk or treats, parties or the one street in town they block off for the event. We have done the blocked off street before and the decor is fantastic, but since so many people go there, you have to wait in line to get your candy and since the home owners see so many kids that night they only give 1 piece per person. That really doesn't bother me, but when you have 3 kids under 10 it's a big deal to them! A few years ago we discovered a neighborhood that does not have a lot of kids stop by and they are very generous with the candy. Some even give full size bars! This is our treasure trove! So that's where we went again this year!
After a crazy night of trick or treating we made it home. The kids went to bed late all on a sugar high. Eventhough it was late I was still able to watch a Halloween episode of The Goldbergs and my movie pick for the night was A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors. It was a great way to end a fun night with the family. Hope everyone had a great Halloween also! Now enjoy the recently uncovered video to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Nightmare on my Street" as we look forward to Halloween 2019!

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