Friday, November 9, 2018

Records, Records Everywhere!!!

Recently the sounds of vinyl have been making a comeback. Supposedly the sound is better coming off one of these round miracles of recording science versus a compressed mp3. I'm not 100% sure about that, but what I am sure about is that listening to a record takes me back to the 80s when myself and my siblings would listen to my Dad's old rock n roll records on the family stereo or hearing the sounds of Madonna coming from my sisters room. The crackling sound of these rotating wonders really is a nostalgia trip for me. A few weeks ago our GM at work decided we needed to make more room in our audio recording booth and the old station collection of vinyl had to go! I was first in line to grab some free records and here is a sampling of what I discovered!

Breakin' Movie Soundtrack 
Released: 1984 Polygram Records
Notable Songs: Ain't Nobody by Rufus & Chaka Khan, Showdown by Ollie & Jerry

The Godfather Music From The Motion Picture
Released: 1972 Pickwick International
Notable Songs: Main Title (The Godfather Waltz) by The Italia Concert Orchestra

The Official Music of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984
Released:1984 CBS Inc.
Notable Songs: Street Thunder by Foreigner, Junku (Field Theme) by Herbie Hancock

Prince: Controversy
Released: 1981 Warner Brothers
Notable Songs: Controversy, Let's Work

Star Wars: Music Form The Sci-Fi Film Composed By John Williams
Released: 1977 Damil Record Sales
Notable Songs: Princess Leia's Theme & The Return Home by The London Philharmonic

Ray Parker Jr. - Christmas Time Is Here
Released: 1984 Arista
Oh man, listen to those sweet sounds! I am so happy I was able to grab these records up! Like I said this is just a sampling of what I found. There are about 20 other albums I got including everything from The Beach Boys to Shalamar. Also, my Mom still has my record collection from when I used to DJ back in collage. I need to go home some day and add them back into my vinyl collection. Now I just need to pick myself up a record player so me and the fam can jam out in style! I guess I now know what to ask Santa for this Christmas!


  1. Greatness!Do you make music at all?

    1. I used to make beats for local hip-hop artists back in collage, but haven't really done anything since.

    2. Dope!Not sure how far back you go but I remember digging for samples to make beats with.I used to have an 8 second Gemini sampler/mixer and would use that in conjunction with Cakewalk.Everything is more digitized nowadays.I still write rhymes but have been experimenting with other things like rb and even some alternative.It's great therapy,man.

    3. Nice! Don't give up what you love.