Friday, July 26, 2019

Weekend Antique Excursion #2!

A few weekends ago, myself and my family went downtown and visited a few antique stores. I enjoy going to these kinds of stores, because you'll never know what you're going to find. Most of the time the cool stuff that I like is way over priced, but it's cool to know it's out there if I really want it. below are some of the items we found this time around.
 The Dukes of Hazard Personal Radio: $14.95
I was never a huge fan of The Dukes of Hazard television program. My sisters loved it though and that's where my introduction to the series happened. We never had this specific radio in our home, but my sisters had a very similar one with the Charlie's Angels logo emblazoned on it and that's where the nostalgia kicked in for me. I remember sitting in my sisters room and playing with the tuner on that radio hoping we could actually get a signal from the local radio station. Good times!
 Smurfs Lunch Box: $29.99
As I've said many times before, I love old lunch boxes! This Smurfs one was actually complete with the Thermos which is pretty rare. That's why I had no problem with the asking price of almost $30. It's a fair price, but I passed. I loved the Smurfs as a kid and had a big collection of the figures, but I never toted my PB&J sandwiches around in this box. I am still on the lookout for a complete Thundercats, Ghostbusters or Super Mario Bros. box. Those are the ones that really bring back the memories for me.
 Mattel Electronics Star Strike game for Intellivision: $10
It's always cool to see old games still in the box at these antique stores. The Intellivision was a little bit before my time. The first system we owned in my house was the Nintendo Entertainment System. If I saw any of those original NES games in box for $10, you better believe I'd be all over that!
 Parker Brothers Star Wars Board Game: $25
I've seen similar games go for way more money than this. So why the lower price? There were a bunch of pieces missing and the box had some minor wear. With all that considered the box art alone is worth the $25 asking price.
Batman Forever The Riddler Action Figure: $14.95
I actually liked Batman Forever. Of course the movie doesn't hold up when compared to the Tim Burton masterpieces that came before it, but it actually was a fun movie. I enjoyed Jim Carry's portrayal of the Riddler. He added some of his own personality into the character and that's what I like to see. I don't want a carbon copy of how someone else played the character. All that said, I never collected nor played with this series of figures, so it was a pass for me!
The Simpsons Colorforms Set: $9.99
This was the item I would take home! I love the early look of The Simpsons cartoons. They are classic. I remember watching the Simpsons Christmas Special when it aired on FOX on December, 17th, 1989. One watch of this episode and I was hooked! 30 years later and I am still a big fan of the Simpson family. A sealed Colorforms set from the early 90s for $9.99! Yes, please!!! Below you can enjoy an early episode from The Simpsons run on the Tracey Ullman show in the late 80s.


  1. How much were the Smurf tumblers?

    1. I wanna say they were around $10 each, but I didn't really take notice since I have a bunch of them in my collection already. Next time I'm there I'll check it out for you.