Friday, September 20, 2019

My Favorite Old School WWF Wrestler

I don't really talk too much about wrestling here at 20 Years Before 2000. I was into the WWF back in the mid 80's and then lost interest in the sport until the 2000's when my Dad started watching WCW wrestling while he was working in Tennessee. I started to watch it too because it gave us something to talk about when I would see him. This was during the time of the NWO, Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman in the ring. Although there have been many great wrestlers during the years I watched, one really stood out to me and became a favorite...Junk Yard Dog! 
He was so crazy and I will never forget his snarling face as he would enter the ring to the sounds of Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” while barking at his opponent and swinging that badass chain around his neck. My introduction to JYD was in the form of the animated Hulk Hogan’s Rock N Wrestling cartoon.
Out of all the iconic characters in that show JYD just stood out to me and I was hooked. The one match of his that stands out more than any other to me is when he gave Macho Man a beat down to win the WWF Wrestling Classic in 1985. I didn’t see it live, but I had friends who were wrestling junkies, so I borrowed their VHS tape of the event.
Unfortunately I never got to see JYD wrestle in person and never will have that chance. In 1998 JYD was in a car accident and passed away thereafter. For his contributions to wrestling and the WWF/WWE JYD was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.
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