Friday, September 13, 2019

Weekend Antique Excursion #3!

A few weekends ago, myself and my family went downtown and visited a few antique stores. I enjoy going to these kinds of stores, because you'll never know what you're going to find. Most of the time the cool stuff that I like is way over priced, but it's cool to know it's out there if I really want it. Below are some of the items we found this time around.
 Vintage Hot Wheels Cars & Shirt Tales Car: $1 - $9.99
I have seen so many Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars over the years that were way overpriced at antique stores just like this. These ones though were pretty reasonable. I'm not a huge collector of cars, but the 99 cent asking price for them was not a bad deal. The Shirt Tales car in the middle was produced by ERTL in 1982 and was priced at $9.99! I loved these guys when I was a kid. I felt the asking price wasn't terrible, but a little high for my taste.
 1990 Donruss Baseball Cards: $8.99
I love finding old baseball cards at the antique store. The only problem is that people price these for way more than what they are worth. These 1990 Donruss cards came out when I was at my peak of card collecting and I have many of them in my collection. I think the design is pretty sharp and there were some great players in this series, but once again paying $8.99 for what is referred to as "Junk Wax" cards in a package that had been opened was not for me.
 2018 Met Solo Bobble head: $35
This was one of the items I am kicking myself for not picking up! I am a lifelong Mets fan and also a lifelong Star Wars fan. This is the best of both those worlds wrapped in a bobble head tortilla. These were given out to the first 25,000 fans who entered the gates during Star Wars Night at Citi Field in 2018. If this is still there when I go back, it may just end up in my collection!
 Nestle Quik Bunny Mug: $5
I have always thought of the Quik Bunny as one of the top advertising mascots of my lifetime. I always liked his commercials and was jealous of my friend when he got a stuffed Quik Bunny for his birthday. This cup is from the 80's and what I like most about it is that it still refers to the product being called Nestle Quik! To hell with this new fangled Nesquik crap, it will always be just plain old Quik in my house!!
 Spaghettios Plastic Bank: $10
I totally forgot about these old styled cans of Spaghettios!!! On there own Spaghettios were great, but throw in some meatballs and you have a feast! I still enjoy this delicacy toady, but my wife usually does the shopping and will not pick up most canned foods because she feels they may be "unhealthy". What up with that? Anyway this was not just your standard can, this was a 9.5 inch tall plastic bank fashioned to look like a can of saucy goodness!
Thundercats Top-Spinner Action Figure: $25
I had this guy as a kid and he was AWESOME! He was part of the bad guy pirate group known as the Berserkers! The Thundercats toyline by LJN was know for each figure having a great battle feature and Top-Spinner's was pretty excellent! He had a trigger on his back that when you pushed it his entire top half of his body would spin around and knock over any would be do gooders! This was an amazing series and when I head back to Jersey, I may just have to search through my Mom's attic to see if I can find any of my original Thundercats toys. Enjoy a Thundercats toy commercial below and let me know who your favorite figure was in the line in the comments below! HOOOOOO!!!!


  1. Antique stores always have such laughable high prices.

    1. I know right? At that point it almost becomes a museum. You go to look at the cool items, but never buy!

  2. Dang those prices tho!I'm with you on the Nesquik thing.

    1. Even though the prices were pretty high, it's still nice to know that there are places out there where you can find these treasures if you really want them.