Friday, November 1, 2019

Going Home: Part 1

About two weeks ago my family and I embarked on a journey back to my home state of New Jersey. The first night we arrived we spent some time with my parents and my Mom made us a home cooked meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a lasagna! It was delicious, but I was wanting to bring my kids to some of my favorite eating establishments from when I was growing up and the next day our first stop was the famous Blairstown Diner!
Of course this diner was famous for being one of the filming locations for the original Friday The 13th movie in 1980 and it has changed over the years, but basics stayed the same. It was a small, family owned restaurant that serves great diner food.
My kids and I looked over the menu and my twins ordered pancakes with blueberries and one with chocolate chips. My oldest daughter ordered a cheeseburger. They all enjoyed their meals and we still had enough leftovers for them to have another helping the next day for lunch.
I was torn between what I should order. When I used to come here with my dad over a decade ago, I would order the Cowboy Burger, but since I was in the Halloween mood I could not pass up the Jason Voorhees inspired fare and I went with...
THE SLASHER BURGER!!! This burger had cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a fried egg on top. I have had variations on this burger at other places before, but there is something to be said about the ambiance of a diner. It just seems to make everything taste better, especially when you visit one after 2am! 
I really enjoyed my meal much like the rest of the family and after a fun stop up the street at Footbridge park with the kids, we headed home. On the way I pointed out some other Friday The 13th locations to the kids. We passed by Hartung's General store on High Street in Hope, NJ.
And we also made time to swing by the gates of the old Moravian Cemetery on the corner of High Street and Mount Hermon Road. It had been almost ten years since I had been back home and I was soaking in every bit of it. I hope my kids enjoyed the trip as much as I did.
Back at my parent's house my brother mentioned if I had picked up one of the anniversary shirts they were selling at the diner. I must have missed them when I was there, but I said "It would have been cool to get one". My Dad said "Really?" and left the room only to come back with this shirt for me! Aren't Dads the best!
In other Jason related news, I finally found the Toony Terrors Jason Voorhees action figure at Walmart in the ITC in Flanders, NJ!!!