Monday, November 11, 2019

Throwback Jam of the Week: 11/11/19

Throw on your Best Track Suit and head to The Street with your cardboard as we take you back! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK...
Artist: Newcleus
Song: Jam On It
Album:  Jam On Revenge (1984)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 56
Bonus Fun Fact: The group was formed in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in New York and they created this song as an anti rap joke.


  1. Jam on it, Jam on it, I said jam-j-j-j-j-jam on it.

    Heck yeah, dude! I thought I was the only person who knew this song from the 80's! I picked up both of their albums when they were remastered on CD, but it's just not the same has having them on vinyl. Especially since one track is missing from Space Is The Place. Thankfully, Jam On Revenge is intact.

    Great stuff!

    1. Agreed. This needs to be heard on vinyl! I listen to this with my kids and they love the "Wikki, Wikki" parts.