Friday, February 14, 2020

My Old Sticker Book: Part 3

While visiting my family back in New Jersey this past October, I took it upon myself to wander into my Mom's attic to see if some of my old stuff was still up there. To my surprise, she had not thrown anything out! So away I went, searching through bins and boxes looking for things that I could take back with me or at least get pictures of to share with you guys. One of the things that was uncovered was my old sticker album. Let's stop this chit-chat and continue with part 3, which will be the final look at these old stickers...shall we?
 Nintendo Puffy Stickers
Puffy stickers were AWESOME and these are no exception. I really dig the old school Mario, Zelda and Punch Out artwork. Look at King Koopa from the early days of Nintendo. One could argue he is even more cool looking than the version we have today!
 Random Holiday Stickers
The vast majority of the stickers on this page were compiled from stickers that were placed on worksheets or tests that I did well on. Teachers used to spoil us with neat stickers when we did well back in the day. Now when my kids come home with good grades they get drawn on smiley faces or stars. Appreciated, but not as exciting as stickers!
 Ghostbusters II and Skateboard Candy Stickers
The top Ghostbusters II logo sticker came from a Troll book order. It was rare that we got to order from these school issued order forms, but I'm sure I convinced my Mom to get something, just so I could get the free Ghostbusters II sticker. I am trying to remember, but I think the smaller stickers on this page came from a candy in the 90s that had a skateboard shaped container? I believe it came with these stickers so you could customize it your way. I may be totally wrong on this one, so please feel free to correct me in the comments below!
Simpsons Stickers
Here are more Simpsons stickers from the same trip to Showbiz Pizza with our Aunt. They are fantastic and remind me of a time when the Simpsons was still fresh, funny and new.
 Ninja Turtles Prism Stickers
Speaking of that epic trip to Showbiz are the real winners from the sticker machine. Yes me and my brother got rolls of quarters to play games and remember I told you in the last post that we spent the majority of that money on a single game? Well that game was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game! We plunked down quarters while kids watched over our shoulders until we defeated the Shredder and became local legends! Then the remaining quarters went to stickers, glorious prismatic TMNT stickers!
 Random Stickers Page
The stickers on this page are represented by a sweepstakes Ace card, Dinosaur stickers, an extra TMNT metallic machine sticker from the A&P supermarket and a freakin' Rude Dog Sticker! This Rude Dog sticker came with some shirts my Mom had bought us and lived on our bed headboards for a while until I decided to rip it off and post it into this book for posterity! So glad I did that so I can share it with you today!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sticker Sheets and Bookmark
Yes, that is my original sticker sheet that came with my Mondo Gecko action figure back in the early 90s. His skateboard already came with the skull sticker on it, so I saw no need to add anymore. The other sticker sheets, I can't really remember where they came from, but there are 3 sheets still in the pack. Finally, the bookmark was actually supposed to be a gift for my brother, but I decided to keep it for myself. I just couldn't give away this great piece of TMNT merchandise!
Well, that's it! We are done taking a look at this sticker book and let me tell you, it was AMAZING to relive all the memories that came from these colorful pieces of my childhood. Thank you for taking this journey with me, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. See you next week with something non sticker related!


  1. Oh man, have never seen those Punch-Out stickers before! Would have loved to see every character. Thanks so much for sharing your album!

    1. Those were the only ones included in the packs we bought, but yes it would be awesome to see more of these characters in sticker form.