Friday, February 21, 2020

SEGA Game Gear Manuals

Recently my son has been on a Legend of Zelda video game kick. He goes through phases so fast. One week it's Kirby the next it's Godzilla. This past week it was Zelda. He wanted to play the Wii game "Link's Crossbow Training". That was fine by me, but he would not play it unless we found the Wii Zapper attachement. I looked everywhere for that thing and still have yet to find it, but while on the hunt I did come across mine and my wife's old SEGA Game Gear systems. Mine is the black and hers is the blue. In the same box were a few games like Sonic, Lion King and Football. Also included were the original manuals and advertising papers included when my wife got her Game Gear as a gift back in 1992! I scanned a few of these papers and had to take photos of the others due to size. Looking through these was a trip back in time and now I would like to share them with you.

I hope you all enjoyed this look back into the early 90s when SEGA and Nintendo waged a battle against each other in the great video game wars. Of course we all know who came out on top, but back then it was a blue streak of sassiness vs. the plucky plumbers from Brooklyn. Let's relive a little bit of that rivalry with this SEGA ad below:

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