Friday, March 27, 2020

It Came From The Attic: Part I

The Real Ghostbusters: ECTO-PLAZM
 Well, here we go again! Staying with my Mom at my childhood home for a few weeks brought back a ton of memories and nostalgia, but looking through all the totes of stuff I own that have been stored in her attic really kicked those feelings into high gear. Today I will share a few of these items I have saved for decades with you. First is this partially full can of The Real Ghostbusters ECTO-PLAZM! This can came with our Firehouse playset and was super sticky. It would stick to our figures and be a real pain in the butt to clean off after we slimed them through the grate on the roof. I can't quite remember why the wrapper is so torn up, but let me tell you, old ECTO-PLAZM smells horrible!
 Batman Returns: McDonalds Fry Box
Yes, I collected McDonalds French Fry boxes back in the day. I still have a bunch of unused Dream Team ones somewhere. This one was used and after the delicious fries were eaten, it was added to my ever growing early 90s Batman collection. I loved this movie and would save anything and everything that had the caped crusader or his foes on it. Not sure where the rest of this stuff went, but at least I still have this box to remind me of the Bat-Mania of 1992.
 Ninja Turtles Fair Prize
This cheap but AWESOME prize came from the New Jersey State Fair in the early 90s. Sure it's a cheap piece of particle board with a paper frame, but it's got an AMAZING picture of my favorite boys in green, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it and I earned it by popping a bunch of balloons with darts. Such an wonderful award for such an astounding achievement.
Ghostbusters II: Slime Time Button
I loved this button! I used to pin it to any hat that I had. Most notably my hot pink surfing Ninja Turtles hat and my checkered Simpsons Bartman cap. It's a fashion statement that can mix with any licensed character clothing item.
Farley's Ninja Turtles Fruit Snacks Package
Holy CRAP! I am so glad that I kept this. We had fruit snacks in our lunches almost every day. Super Mario, Zelda, Shark Bites and even Michael Jordan, but nothing could top the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Sure, they still make TMNT themed fruit snacks today, but they just don't seem to taste as good as they did back when I was 11 years old!
Kellogg's C-3PO's Cereal box
I really don't remember ever eating this cereal as a kid, but I am glad to own this sweet piece of Star Wars memorabilia. I used to work at a mom & pop toy store in Ledgewood, NJ on Route 10 and one day the owners purchased a large Star Wars collection. They picked out the items they wanted to keep for sale and then let me scrounge through and pick out what I wanted from the left overs. I grabbed a parachuting Darth Vader, a Darth Vader eraser, Star Wars PEZ display with dispensers and this box of C-3PO's.
Sealed Commodore 64 Games
Never owned a Commodore 64, but once again I was given these sealed games from a former employer. I used to work for Clear Channel Radio and we had to clean out old offices before we moved into our new building. We found some cool old stuff that I am sure were supposed to be used for giveaway prizes at some point. These games were among those items. Since I love retro video games, they gave these to me as a gift.
I hope you enjoyed taking a look back at some items from my Mom's attic and I hope you are all staying safe and well. Check back next week for part 2! There may be more Turtles items, Freddy Krueger and Keith Hernandez!


  1. Wow, where to begin with this one. Nostalgia overload! Love it all!

    I never knew the firehouse came with a canister of ooze, but that's good to know. May need to track one down so that mine is "complete".

    Batman Returns is the greatest Batman movie to date. Danny Devito as Penguin is superb. All the casting is. Love that movie!

    I've wanted an empty box of C-3PO's for the longest time, but I'm not willing to pay the price people are asking for it. No matter how you slice it, it's an empty box. I'm not paying $30+ for an empty box - Regardless of what's on it.

    1. I got pretty lucky with that Star Wars haul. If you thought this post was nostalgia overload, wait til you get a load of what's in Part II!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I appreciate your kind words Kuill from the Mandalorian (Now streaming on Disney+).