Friday, June 26, 2020

Summer Commercial Nostalgia!

This week, I really don't have too much to share with you all. I just want to thank everyone for their support of this blog over the years. It has gotten more traction and I've met more cool people with similar likes as myself than I could have ever imagined. All that said, here are some of my favorite retro commercials that bring back that sweet summer nostalgia for me. I hope you enjoy!
Pop Secret (1987)
Pepsi (1991)
Masters of The Universe
Good Humor Ice Cream (1996)
Young People's Day Camp (1988)
Ernest Goes To Camp (1987)
McDonalds Dream Team (1992)
Coors Light (1988)
Crocodile Mile (1989)


  1. I can remember wanting a Crocodile Mile so bad after I saw that commercial, of course at that age, I wanted pretty much everything kid related that was advertised on television. I never got one, but did have a friend who had one, it wasn't quite as fun as it looked on television, especially when you cleared the pool and were instead met with dry grass on the other side!