Friday, June 12, 2020

BarNone is back!

BarNone was originally released by the Hershey company in 1987. This delicious candy bar was composed of milk chocolate, chocolate wafers, peanuts & chocolate filling and came in packs of 2, much like the more famous TWIX bar. In 1992 the formula was tweaked a bit and caramel was substituted for the chocolate filling. As it is with most food products, as the want for BarNone declined so did profits which led to it being discontinued by Hershey in 1997.

Even though BarNone was only on shelves for about 10 years it did give us this fantastic commercial from 1993. Whenever I would see this on TV, the song would get stuck in my head. I hadn't given much thought to BarNone in many years, but then I went into our local mall candy store and there it  was staring back at me!
The name was recognizable, but the packaging was way different than I remember. The ingredients may have been tweaked a little again as I did not see caramel listed as a part of this bar. Also, gone are the days of 2 bars together as a team. We just got one big bar. 
I'm not complaining. This one bar looks amazing! So much chocolate! I am ready to eat this nostalgic candy bar. Honestly, I never had a BarNone back in the 80s or 90s that I can recall, so I don't have much to compare it to, but man am I ready to try it! This bar is AMAZING! Total chocolate a good way. 
The wafers are crispy the chocolate is delicious and the peanuts and a little somethin' somethin'! Overall I am really pleased and thankful that the Iconic Candy Company decided to revive this brand in 2019. If you see on I suggest you pick it up!
BarNone definitely delivers on it's promise of being "The Chocolate Lovers Bar". As the old marketing used to say "It tamed the Chocolate Beasty" in me! 
I would purchase this again and again! If you care to read more about old candies brought back to life, please check out my reviews of 5th Avenue and Whatchamacallit!


  1. Never got to try one of these back in the day. Gonna have to track one down.

  2. Anyone else remember Breakfast Squares from the 70s?

  3. Bar None was terrific and then they utterly RUINED it when they added caramel to it. I always felt like that was a deliberate attempt to sabotage it and give Hershey an excuse to discontinue it.