Monday, April 19, 2021

Throwback Jam of the Week: 4/19/21

  Throw on your Timberland Boots and to the mean streets of Jersey as we take you back to the 90's! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!!

Artist: Fugees
Song: Nappy Heads
Album: Blunted On Reality (1994)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 49
Bonus Fun Fact: This song was the first song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 for the Fugees, It also reached #1 on the Billboard "Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales" chart.


  1. Replies
    1. Fugees (/ˈfuːdʒiːz/; sometimes The Fugees) was an American hip hop group formed in the early 1990s. Deriving their name from a shortening of the word "refugees".

      I learned something new. Cool.

    2. Also, the Fugees released only 2 albums but received 2 Grammy Awards and their second album, The Score, sold over 7 million copies! Not bad for a crew from NJ!!!