Friday, May 14, 2021

Goodwill Finds!

Because of COVID I have not been hitting up the local thrift stores as I once did, but recently I decided to make a trip to the local Goodwill store...and I am glad I did! I searched through the wall of toy grab bags and found one that had some vintage action figures in it for only $1.99! Let's check out the highlights!!!
1989 Spinhead Beetlejuice by Kenner
I have not seen a Beetlejuice action figure in years! I remember owning a few of these figures back in the late 80's, but not this one. We had Shish Kebob Beetlejuice, Harry the Haunted and Otho The Obnoxious. I vividly remember picking these up at a toy store and having to make the tough decision of Beetlejuice toys or The Simpsons action figures. Beetlejuice won out. These figures were a bit strange because they were based off the movie by Tim Burton and not the animated Beetlejuice series that was more aimed at kids. This figure actually has a fairly good Michael Keaton likeness to it and recreates BJ's look from one of the iconic "Waiting Room" scenes from the movie. You can even pop off his head to reveal the shrunken version underneath!

1986 Screaming Heroes Ray Stantz
Just like most kid in the 80's, I was obsessed with The Real Ghostbusters. I remember owning this toy as a kid and it's probably still somewhere at my Mom's house. Who could say no to any RGB toy? This Ray has a wind up feature that makes his hands raise and head spin once a trigger is pushed on his front. Ray also came with a companion ghost called Vermoan that when attached to Ray's back would make a sound that sort of resembled screaming. This toy line was filled with all kinds of gimmicks and this one was one of my favorites!

1992 McDonald's Super Looney Tunes Petunia Pig
In 1992 McDonald's released a line of Super Looney Tunes figures in their Happy Meals. There were 4 figures in all: Super Bugs (Bugs Bunny/Superman), Bat Duck (Daffy Duck/Batman), Taz Flash (Tasmanian Devil/The Flash) and the figure I recently pickup Wonder Pig (Petunia Pig/Wonder Woman). These figures featured Looney Tunes characters in normal attire, but then you could snap on their super hero outfits for some zany hijinks! The only figure I ever remember owning was Taz Flash, but honestly, I could see myself searching out the rest of the set. These are pretty cool Happy Meal Toys!

1990 Pizza Hut Batly Puppet & 101 Dalmatians Pongo Figure
These items were cool, but not really anything I collected back in the early 90's. Eureka's Castle was a show that ran on Nick Jr. from 1989-1991. These puppets are cool and remind me of the ones Pizza Hut had sold for "The Land Before Time". The Pongo figure has no date or manufacturer on it, but I assume it was made available around the time of the 1991 re-release of "101 Dalmatians". 
Some pretty cool stuff in that $1.99 grab bag. I should start getting back into the swing of things and hopefully when I do, I'll be able to show off some more cool finds from the local thrift stores!


  1. Awesome. Nice finds. I've never had any luck at a Goodwill or similar place. Will keep trying.

    1. Yeah, our Goodwills seem to always be picked dry and stuffed with garbage.

    2. Seems like the dealers always get there before I do, but sometimes you luck out!