Friday, November 12, 2021

My Faves: Figure Collection #12

I have a fairly big collection of loose figures from the 80s & 90s. The collection keeps expanding so right now, I would like to share a few of my faves with you at this time. Here we go!

She-Ra Princess of Power: Bow (Mattel, 1984)
This is figure was on my want list for a long time. I eventually got him for a few bucks off ebay. I remember my neighbor had this figure back in the 80's and I kind of thought the "Heart Pumping" action feature on Bow was pretty cool, but his lack of mustache always killed me! Why didn't any of the He-Man or She-Ra figures have facial hair like their cartoon counterparts?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hot Spot (Playmates, 1993)
I bought this figure off the shelf in the early 90's and honestly had no interest in opening him up. You see, I was on the verge of my teens, so I didn't really play with toys anymore, but I still loved and collected TMNT stuff. He sat sealed in his packaging for a few years before my younger brother convinced me to open him up so he could play with him. I played the part of awesome older brother and opened Hot Spot. Years later I would find out that he is one of the rarest TMNT figures around. DANG! At least my brother and I had fun playing with him and he is still in my collection.

Star Wars: Nien Nunb (Kenner, 1983)
I was very young when this figure was released, but I remember loving Star Wars, I loved playing Star Wars with my older brother and I loved this Nien Nunb action figure. I remember riding in the back of my Mom's station wagon and playing with this figure while the song "Owner of A Lonely Heart" by Yes played over the car's speakers. I lost Nien Nunb's gun in the back of that station wagon, but that did not make this plasticized version of Lando's first mate any less cool. Still my favorite figure from this line!

Ghostbusters: Muncher (Hasbro, 2021)
I really like this new "Fright Feature" action figure of Muncher from the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie. I bought it for my son for his birthday in September along with the 4 Ghostbusters and Ecto-1. We have had many spooky adventures since then and Muncher has been the antagonist for most of those. The figure has a stretchy plastic belly that flexes out to reveal a STOP sign and fire hydrant when you push the buttons on his back. Also, when you raise his arms the objects in his mouth move forward. Can't wait to see this guy on the big screen in a few days!

Ghostbusters FunEdibles: Pizza Venkman
This little fella is a strange addition to my Ghostbusters collection. It's Peter Venkman...if he was a slice of za! There were 2 other GB figures in this line that included a Jell-O mold Slimer and a Marshmallow man shaped like a marshmallow. I fell in love with this guy when I saw him on the shelf at our local calendar store, but I was unwilling to pay the $25 price tag on him. After Christmas last year Pizza Venkman went on CLEARANCE for around $5 and I quickly grabbed him up. Still gives me a smile when I look at this absurd vinyl tribute to one of my favorite Ghostbusters mixed with one of my favorite foods! Wonder when this movie will come out?


  1. Yes! Nien Nunb is one of my favorites from Star Wars. That new Muncher looks cool.

    1. It is pretty cool. I am so ecstatic that my kids love Ghostbusters almost as much as I did back in the 80s!

  2. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say Nien Nunb was their favorite. Good on you!

    1. I have so many great memories of playing with that toy. I loved how he and Lando blew up the Death Star #2. Myself and my Nien Nunb figure were cheering the whole time!!!