Friday, February 4, 2022

Kevin Eastman Studios Order: Part 2

Dino Island #1 & Bioneers #1
Welcome back! Last week I showed off some of the great stuff I recently purchased from the Kevin Eastman Studios website. This week the reveals continue! As I mentioned before, I purchased the "Vintage Mirage Bundle". This included 15 comics from the personal collection of Kevin Eastman, which is pretty cool in itself, but the bundle also includes one signed comic from a former Mirage artist. Take a look at the books below. Did you read any of these?
Stupid Heroes #1 (1st & 2nd Printings)
Stupid Heroes #2 & Stupid Heroes #3
Plastron Cafe #2 & Plastron Cafe #3 (Includes Casey Jones TMNT story)
Plastron Cafe #4 & Prime Slime Tales #2
Eagles of the Vortex #1 & Xenotech #1
Xenotech #1 (Variant Cover) & Xenotech #3
Xenotech #2 (Autographed by Michael Dooney)
Michael Dooney is one of my all-time favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle artists. I own quite a few of his prints and he also once saved me from an accident involving some of those prints and a can of The Simpsons Duff energy drink. You can read about that by clicking HERE if you would like. Overall I am happy with the eclectic mix of books in this "Cowabundle" and I love the look back at some of the more obscure comics put out by the studio that brought us those Heroes in a Half-Shell! Now I've just got to find some time to read them all!