Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Weekend Car Show 2017

Every Labor Day weekend one of the local charities hosts a classic car show as a fund raiser. My kids get so excited for this event, even though in my mind it symbolizes the true end of the Summer season. We always have a great time, see some cool cars and enjoy delicious ice cream. This year was no different. Here are some of the cool cars we saw at the show!
This custom painted 70s Ford van sported a recreation of the artwork from the 1977 animated Ralph Bakshi film "Wizards". On the other side we had some more crazy artwork...
This side featured the artist shooting lines out of a paint sprayer at a Dragon who was holding a crystal ball! My son thought it was very cool!
This was a custom made Ford Rat-Rod. A rat rod is a hot rod that is built to look like the style from the 40s-60s. The signature look of these Rat Rods is to make them drivable, but still keep up an "unfinished" appearance. The artwork on the side of this Rat-Rod made it one of my favorites!
The one car my kids always seek out is the 1968 Plymouth Road Runner! These cars were specifically built with Warner Bros., so Plymouth could use the name, likeness and even sound of the Road Runner character on their cars! In years past the owner would let my kids honk the horn to hear the iconic "Beep, Beep" sound of the Road Runner. This year we had no such luck!
Any car with Rumble Seats or the engine in the back is a draw to my kids. They are so interested in the history of these machines and I am happy to talk to them about it. Even though the weather reached close to 100 degrees that day, it was a great show. The only issue we had was that the booth that usually sells Hot Wheels cars was only selling model kits this year! What the heck Hot Wheels guy! Maybe next year?

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