Friday, September 8, 2017

80s Toys I spotted in "The Boss Baby"

Every Friday night we take time as a family to pick out a movie and watch it together. The kids get out their sleeping bags, we let them choose some candy and we decide on a movie. This past week's pick was "The Boss Baby". The movie features Alec Baldwin as The Boss Baby who is sent to Earth to protect babies from the rising popularity of cute puppies. Puppies are getting cuter therefore stealing the love from babies all over the world! It actually was a decent movie that had some pretty funny parts in it, but one of the cool things was the way they integrated real toys into the story. Here are the ones that I spotted:
Little People Farm (Fisher Price)
The intro to the film takes us on a ride through the room of Tim. Tim is a happy boy who likes to spend time with his Mom & Dad and loves playing with his toys. We get to see a few of these toys on display during this opening sequence including these Little People.
Mouse Trap (Milton Bradley)
This was another toy that we saw on the tour of Tim's room, it kind of foreshadows a later scene in the movie. Never really understood the rules of this game as a kid, don't understand it now, but damn is it fun to catch those mice in this crazy contraption!
Skeletor (Mattel)
I was really excited to see Skeletor hanging from a zip line in Tim's room. I was a huge fan of Masters of the Universe in the 80s and one of my favorite action figures of all-time was Dragon Blaster Skeletor. I got him for my birthday when I was 5 years old and the sight of Skeletor's blue skin and purple ram staff gives me goosebumps to this day!
Chatters Phone (Fisher Price)
Who didn't have one of these phones growing up or at least knew someone who did? My kids have one, but they are outgrowing it fast. The Boss Baby uses this phone to contact his superiors so he can keep them up to date on his mission progress!
Voltron (Matchbox)
I always wanted a Voltron as a kid. I never got one. The closest I got was when my brother got a watch that transformed into Voltron. It was pretty cool, but it could never match the pinnacle of AWESOMENESS that was the original die cast Lion Force Voltron!
He-Man & Skeletor (Mattel)
This cameo appearance of the most powerful man in the universe and his arch nemesis came by way of deleted scene where the boys are putting together their plan to stop puppies from stealing all of the world's love. It was a pretty funny scene where Skeletor comments on He-Man's "bikini", but it didn't make the final cut.
Etch-A-Sketch (Ohio Art)
I had an Etch-A-Sketch as a kid and my kids have an Etch-A-Sketch today. This is a timeless toy that causes as much joy as it does frustration. Why can't I ever make a circle look like a circle on this thing! I did have fun with this toy, but it was totally eclipsed when the Etch-A-Sketch Animator came out in 1987 and blew the original away! I had one of those as a kid also and finding an Animator is now on my collecting wish list. Enjoy this classic commercial and try to get the jingle out of your head!


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