Friday, December 21, 2018

Favorite gifts from Santa

Santa was really good to me as a kid. Most of the time I got what I asked for and loved it! Some of those gifts though, bring back more nostalgia than others. Not too say those other toys were complete bombs, but some just hold a really special place in my heart. Like I said Santa was good to me and even the year he kinda screwed me over (Read all about that here) he gave me one of my most favorite toys of all time. That toy was...

Real Ghostbusters Slimer (Kenner, 1984)
I loved this toy! I was a huge Ghostbusters fan, so anything Ghostbusters would have been a winner, but Slimer was super cool. I would always have him flying around sliming my brother's Ghostbusters team and eating anything and everything he could. Am I the only one who still remembers the smell of the plastic food Slimer came with? That smell alone is Christmas to me!

M.U.S.C.L.E. Thug Busters Set (Mattel, 1985)
This was a fun gift! This big box of M.U.S.C.L.E. characters was a combo gift for me and my brother. We tried to split them up equally. Usually my older brother would take advantage of this situation, but I feel like I made out pretty good. After this Christmas we always had a pocket full of these little, rubber pink guys to keep us entertained on any trip our Mom took us on!

Thundercats Cat's Lair (LJN, 1986)
1986 was another year of disappointment for me as you may have read already. This amazing play set didn't show up under the Christmas tree, but came a few weeks later. When it did though, the battle for Third Earth was on! The Cat's Lair was incredible and stands as one of my fave places to play of all-time!

Super Mario 2 & Adventure of Link (Nintendo, 1988)
This was a big one. We usually got our big console gifts at Christmas. Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation, but the biggest joy came from getting these games in 1988. Every kid wanted these games in their collections, but the rumors of a chip shortage causing delays to The Adventure of Link led many kids to believe they would never see this game at Christmas. I was one of those kids. That year during mine and my brothers annual snooping we discovered these in my parent's closet. We couldn't wait til Christmas. When it came we were full of joy and elation!

Nolan Ryan Limited Edition Kit (Mennen, 1994)
This one is kind of an odd ball. Who really likes getting these bathroom sets at Christmas? I didn't really want it, but I used it and the smell of Skin Bracer takes me back to the holidays of the early 90's. Isn't it crazy how certain smells or certain songs can instantly take you back to the good ol days? I still have that Nolan Ryan ball in my sports collection to this day.


  1. That MUSCLE Thug Buster set looks AWESOME! Neat set.

    1. It was really cool, but I always loved the smaller packs that came in a garbage can. Remember those?

  2. Ill never forget my favorite xmas.I got the gi joe rolling thunder,stiletto,phantom jet x and Desert fox.

  3. It’s weird, because I really only remember 2 presents I received one Christmas in the 90s. Home Alone 2 and Rad Racer for the NES.

    1. Rad Racer was truly excellent. Did anyone ever try it in 3-D mode while wearing the glasses?