Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Comic Book Pick 5/6/20

This week the comic book I am most excited to read is...
By now I sound like a broken record, but once again there are no new releases hitting local comic shops this week due to Covid-19, so I decided this would be a great time to catch up on some books I have not read yet. This week I am going to pull back the pages of IDW's Transformers/Ghostbusters crossover mini-series. I have been a little hesitant with these IDW crossovers. It seems they have become pretty formulaic. A portal to another dimension is opened up somehow, two awesome groups of heroes come together to defeat a big bad guy & then they return to their respective dimensions. I really hope this one is different. I love both of these 80's properties and would love to see something fresh and new. I guess it's time to find out! That's why I am excited to read these issues! Have you read this title yet? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below. If not, what are you reading now?

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