Friday, May 29, 2020

Old vs. New: She-Ra Action Figures

Myself and my kids have been watching the She-Ra reboot on Netflix since it started back in 2018 and I have to say that I have really been enjoying it. It has a great writing staff, the animation is excellent and the characters have a lot of … character! As we all know, with a new high profile cartoon series must also come new action figures. Today we will compare and contrast the original 1985 She-Ra to her contemporary counterpart from Mattel! Let's get to the toys!
Obviously the first thing you notice about these two figures is the size comparison. The original line comes in at around 5.5 inches while the new version is twice the size at 11 inches! This size difference leads to the ability to give the 2019 doll better sculpting. The 1985 She-Ra seems to be sculpted with a more intended muscular look, while 2019 has an athletic sculpt.
Head and face sculpt wise, I will have to give the nod to 2019 She-Ra. She has more expression in her face and seems to be created to look more like her cartoon counterpart than the 1985 edition. Also, the original sculpt seems a bit more manly to me.
The other thing the new She-Ra has the advantage over the original is the inclusion of removable accessories. For example the boots are removable, whereas the original has most of her accessories painted on. Actually, now that I think about it, I may prefer the painted on boots and wrist bands. That just leaves less things to loose!
Speaking of things to loose! Here is a side by side comparison of the Sword of Protection. The 2019 version is far superior to the 1985 sculpt. I do have to give Mattel credit for what they were able to create in 1985, but the new version actually looks like the sword used by She-Ra!
Overall, I will have to give the crown/tiara to the 2019 Mattel She-Ra doll. The advances in toy making since 1985 and the larger scale of the figure really gave this toy the opportunity to shine...and it does. My daughters have all of series 1 and I'm hoping we will eventually see a series 2. There are so many great characters that have yet to be immortalized in plastic. Please Mattel, I would love to see a new Entrapta doll! Until that time, enjoy the great intro theme song to She-Ra and the Princesses of Power!!!


  1. Cool. I have Netflix but don't watch it much. This looks fun.

    1. There are some LBGTQ arcs in the series and I have to say that in the beginning it made me a little uncomfortable to watch with my younger kids, but it led to them asking questions and me and my wife openly answering them. In the end it was a lesson for us all and the show is fantastic!