Friday, May 8, 2020

It Came From The Closet! PART III

Green Apple Spider-Man 3 Soda
While stuck home during quarantine, one of the things my wife asked me to do is to clean out the back basement closet. When we had our kids a lot of my things were packed up and stored in this closet to make room for their stuff. I gotta say, even though cleaning sucks, it was fun to uncover some of these items that I haven't seen in years. One such item was this box of Spider-Man 3 Green Apple Soda! Spider-Man 3 soda came in 3 flavors: Orange, Blue Raspberry & Green Apple. Each box contained 12 - 8oz cans. I actually remember liking these when I drank them back in 2007. The cans have all been emptied of their contents, but the memories will last forever!
 Schylling Tin Robot
I am a sucker for these types of wind up tin robots. I love the look, I love the simplicity and the price was pretty damn good on this one. I think I paid around $2 on clearance at our local Cracker Barrel Restaurant Country Store. 
 Retro Star Wars Plastic Cups
This purchase I remember vividly as it was my second to last trip to Toys R Us. Everything was being liquidated and the stock was picked over pretty good. But somehow these cups were still on the shelves. They feature images from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in a border that resembles the old Topps cards. The cups take me back to being a kid and drinking out of cups that had all sorts of popular characters on them from He-Man to X-Men. Of course the 90% off discount didn't hurt either.
X-Men Page Proof
I bought this on e-bay when I was in my original art phase back in the early 2000's. Yes, I know this is not original art, but it is a proof used by marvel comics to produce an issue of X-Men Unlimited in 1999. Also, it featured a shot of Wolverine. That was the clincher for me. Not sure what it's worth, but I'm glad it's part of my comic memorabilia collection. Who doesn't love 90s X-Men?
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