Friday, May 1, 2020

It Came From The Closet! PART II

Jedi Mickey Windu
While stuck home during quarantine, one of the things my wife asked me to do is to clean out the back basement closet. When we had our kids a lot of my things were packed up and stored in this closet to make room for their stuff. I gotta say, even though cleaning sucks, it was fun to uncover some of these items that I haven't seen in years. One such item was this sketch of Mickey Mouse as a Jedi that I bought in a store at Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida. I chose this drawing because Mickey is wielding the bad-ass light saber of Mace Windu. This amazing art was done by Disney artist Monica Willis in 2006. I would love to have it framed and put on my wall.
 Kazaam on VHS
Not too much to say about this one. I bought it for a quarter at a thrift store and I've heard nothing but terrible things about the movie, but I can't see how a movie about a 7 foot rapping genie could be all that bad. Soon I will have to watch it with the kids and find out for myself. The movie almost made back it's 20 million dollar budget and features an appearance from Efren Ramirez aka Pedro, so it has that going for it!
 Tiny "Zeus" Lister Autograph
I had the chance to meet Mr. Lister (hey, that rhymes!) at the Chiller Theater convention in NJ around 2005. He was very cool and took the time to take photos, sign pictures and chat with each person who stopped by his table...all for a price, but still a nice guy from one of my favorite 90s movies "Friday"! Gotta get this back on the wall in the basement!
I loved this toy as a kid. It came out in the early 80s and was, if I remember correctly, my first real exposure to anything that resembled a computer. The Whiz-Kid came with cartridges that you would insert into the toy and each cartridge contained around 50 games that could be unlocked by using the corresponding cards that came with the cartridge. Most of these were educational games that included math, spelling and shape & color recognition. I found this Whiz-Kid at a second hand store for around $5 and believe me it was well worth it. The sound this machine makes when you get a correct answer took me back decades and my kids also had fun plating with it too. Love this thing!
Bart Simpson from Burger King
These dolls were released in 1990 as a special premium at Burger King restaurants. For a mere $3.49 you could own either Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie or Marge...of course with the purchase of fries or the new BK mini-muffins. When I was a kid we owned the Bart & Homer dolls, so when I found this in package specimen at a local Goodwill for $2, I grabbed it! That's less than what it cost in 1990! Love the early 90s Simpsons stuff, brings back great memories of Simpson-mania! Below is a commercial from this legendary fast food promotion, ENJOY!
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  1. I knew someone that had a Whiz-Kid when I was younger, and thought it was the coolest f'n thing. It would be interesting to play with one now, and see if the coolness factor has held up.

    1. Jon, it still is actually pretty cool! Even though we didn't have any of the cards or cartridges, my kids were still able to access some of the math games and they had a blast!