Monday, November 7, 2016


In the late 80s/early 90s Whatchamacallit candy bars were on the upper echelon of chocolate offerings. To me they were good, but not great. I believe they had a boost in popularity at this time due to the AWESOME marketing campaign that blasted us kids every Saturday morning as we sat in front of the TV with our Cheerios to watch cartoons.
This ad was amazing! The visuals were eye candy, no pun intended and the music gets stuck in my head to this day. Hershey's had TV covered, but they also hit us in the comic books.
Whatchamacallit was everywhere...and then it wasn't. I hadn't seen a Whatchamacallit in years until I spotted a box of these babies at a little mom & pop candy store while recently on a weekend getaway with the family. Had to snap one up and relive the peanut/chocolate nostalgia.
How was it? It was not exactly like I remembered, but it was still very good. Later on I read that Hershey's changed the formula around 2008. According to the official Whatchamacallit Wikipedia page, "In 2008, the Hershey Company began to change the ingredients for some of its products, replacing the relatively expensive cocoa butter with cheaper oil substitutes. Such cost cutting was done to avoid price increases for the affected products." It still tasted okay to me!
Would I seek these out again? Probably not, but it's nice to know that Whatchamacallit is still around for another generation to enjoy!

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