Monday, August 2, 2021

Throwback Jam of the Week: 8/2/21

 Throw on your Day Glow Shirt and head to Family Band Rehearsal as we take you back to the 80's! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: The Jets
Song: Crush On You
Album: The Jets (1986)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 3
Bonus Fun Fact: This band from the country of Tonga was comprised entirely of family members from the Wolfgramm family! They had 5 top 10 singles and performed the theme song to the Disney Afternoon cartoon "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers"! Their popularity also led to an endorsement deal with Kool-Aid!


  1. Dude, that Kool-Aid commercial made my day. I love how they're all playing their instruments, yet the only music is that of a keyboard with generic drum line.