Friday, March 10, 2017

Second Hand Score: Paw Island Pals

While checking out the toy section at the local Goodwill store I saw this Paw Island Pals figure of Allie the kitten and Colby, her teddy mouse. I have no idea what Paw Island Pets is and tried Googling them for more info. I couldn't find anything on this toy line except a blog entry from a gentleman who goes by the handle  LooseToon.
LooseToon aka Steve Vitale used to work for the Paw Island company that produced these figures. According to his blog Paw Island was a children's entertainment company that focused on books and a website that had games, activities, cartoons, etc. You can read more on his page by clicking HERE!
Apparently there was a whole line of these little guys released in 1999 by Paw Island. I do like the cartoony look of the characters and wish I could find one of the videos, but I checked YouTube and there is nothing to be found. What were these cartoons like? Were they adventures like Duck Tales or moral based like the Get Along Gang? So many questions! I guess I will never find out the answers! But for $0.69 it was a no brainer to pick this cute little toy enigma up!


  1. Oh my God! I couldn't find anything on these either! However, I used to have a couple of these figurines and I would play with them all the time, but I can't for the life of me remember where I even got them. I also used to get on the website and print out the coloring pages.