Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Comic Book Pick 4/1/20

This week the comic book I am most excited to read is...
That's right, this is not an April Fool's joke! There will be no new comic books shipped to your local comic shop for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic! I'm staying positive that this will not be a long term problem, but if it is at least I can find comfort in the ability to read some of the classics over again. I know locally owned comic shops will feel the pain from this distribution shut down, so if you can find a way to support them, please do so. When this all gets back to normal, it will be great to see the shops open their doors again! Stay safe!


  1. Here you go. A comic you can read this week.

  2. I know It's not the same ,and personally I hate them ,but there's always digital comics.

    1. Yeah, I know that's always an option, but I think I'll just read the comics in my collection that I have not finished yet. Can't beat the real thing!

  3. The new Batman: The Animated Series book came out digitally, one of the few digital books this week. It's pretty good!