Friday, April 3, 2020

It Came From The Attic: Part II

 Darkwing Duck Pizza Hut Box
Well, here we go again! Staying with my Mom at my childhood home for a few weeks brought back a ton of memories and nostalgia, but looking through all the totes of stuff I own that have been stored in her attic really kicked those feelings into high gear. Today I will share a few of these items I have saved for decades with you. First is this Darkwing Duck Pizza Hut Personal Pizza Box. These came out in the early 90s and you not only got this cool box with your Darkwing Duck feast, but it also came with a cool collectors cup and an official Crime fighter Kit! I still have both of those stashed somewhere, but all I could find was this box to stir up those memories of Disney Afternoon glory!
"Neighborhood Watch" Drawing
It's no secret that I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but in the 90s I was a fan of a lot of independent comic book characters. This drawing I did showcases some of those faves like Usagi Yojimbo, Shi, Cerebus, The Tick, Flaming Carrot, Bone and Scud. Man, I wish I still had time to draw. I guess I will just have to find that time!
Freddy Krueger Squish'em
This officially licensed Freddy Krueger toy was released by LJN in 1989. I wish I could say that was when I got him, but it wasn't until the mid 2000s when Freddy would join my collection. At that time I was working at an auto glass shop as an installer in Morristown, NJ and this little Freddy character was uncovered during a slow day when we had to clean up the shop. He was under our tool bench in a cabinet and I am glad I found him before anyone else could scoop up this Nightmare from Elm Street!
Keith Hernandez Autographed Baseball
I was born an huge New York Mets fan and some day in the distant future I hope to be buried in my Mets hat! So, when my Dad found out that this 1st base playing MVP, Gold Glove and World Series winner would be at a local sports store called Rich's World of Sports in Blairstown, NJ, we had to go! I got to meet the Met & Seinfeld legend that day in 1989 and it was the thrill of a lifetime. He was really nice and chatted with us about baseball for a few minutes. After our chat he signed a ball for me and my brother and a 1987 Topps card for me! I love this ball and the memories that come with it!
Ghostbusters Cereal Box Cards
Ghostbusters cereal was produced by Ralston from about 1985 to 1990 and in that time they had some awesome premiums in their boxes. Glow in the dark flying discs, holograms and of course these nice cards you could cut out from the back of the box. These babies glow in the dark and showcase some pretty cool artwork. Anything Ghostbusters back in the day was like gold to me and these cards are no exception. I just wish that I would have kept the whole box!
Thundercats: Cats Lair
This was the toy of all toys back around the Christmas of 1986! That year was also the year The Real Ghostbusters toys came out and I asked for both at Christmas. Well, the big day finally came around and I have to say I was very disappointed with the outcome. I even wrote a whole article about it a few years ago. If you want to relive one of the worst holidays I ever had, you can read it by clicking HERE!  I still have my Cats Lair and despite not being in the picture, he does still have his head somewhere. This was a great toy and it makes me happy to know my Mom has not thrown it out! Check out it's greatness in the commercial below and be ready to have your mind blown!


  1. Wow! The Cat's Lair looks fantastic.

    Also like the Freddie Krueger squishee!

    1. It really was great. Full of action features like the laser blasting eyes, collapsing floor and claws that open. One of the best playsets EVER!

  2. Awesome drawing and I'm drooling over that Keith Hernandez ball!

    1. Thank you for the kind words and yes, that Hernandez ball is one of my prized possessions attached to one of my favorite childhood memories.

  3. That piece of artwork is really fantastic, and I will second your sentiment about you needing to start drawing again!

    1. I really did enjoy it. Don't know why I stopped?