Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Gold Medal

This week the Pop Culture League Challenge is to fill in this blank: "If _____ was an Olympic sport, I’d have a gold medal around my neck."
After taking a while to think about it, I decided on "Spending time with my kids". I know it's not funny or sexy, but I excel at this. Maybe not at a Gold level sometimes, but definitely Silver...or maybe Bronze? My job as a Promotions/Marketing Director for 2 television stations relies on me being able to balance my schedule between shoots, edits, event set-up, client meetings and staff meetings. Then I get home and have to manage the work schedules of myself , my wife and also the kid's school, sports and party plans.
All of these things leave little time for me and the kids to get together and have some "Fun" time. So, when we do I want to make the most of it. This summer we hiked up mountains, went camping, saw Finding Dory at the Drive-In, participated in the ACS Relay For Life, took trips to zoos and aquariums, played at the local spray park and saw a baseball game.
My most fun idea though, has to be the creation of "80s Day"! This annual tradition starts with me and the kids waking up and watching 80s cartoons like Pole Position, Heathcliff, The Smurfs and Dennis The Menace.
Then we get dressed in our finest 80s character t-shirts. These include Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles and Strawberry Shortcake. Once dressed, we pop some 80s tunes into the car's CD player and head out to the local arcade and play some games followed by lunch at Pizza Hut.
We work off the Pizza Hut lunch by taking a stroll around the Mall. Once we get home the NES is hooked up and it's classic gaming for an hour or so. Some of the kids faves are Contra, Mappy Land and of course Super Mario Bros. We unwind with an 80s animated feature, this past year was "The Land Before Time", then it's off to bed!
It's a great time with the kids that they really enjoy and I hope it gives them some great memories, like I had growing up as a kid in the 80s!
Check out these other League members as they tell us what non-existent event they would win a Gold Medal in:
The Rebel Page takes the podium in Procrastinating
Diary of a Dorkette wins at Humming Video Game Theme Songs
 Jathniel is a superstar at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit
Green Plastic Squirt Gun destroys the competition in Dust


  1. Oh man, an 80's day sounds amazing! Can I participate next year??? I loved this post, and it's awesome that you spend this kind of time with your kids. #winner

    1. Come on over. We'd love to have you...especially if you're paying! :)

  2. Totally love the 80's Day concept. I feel like this should be a National holiday.

    1. I have already written to my local Congressman about it!

  3. This post is the total winner: It got love, family time, nostalgia...
    The rest of us are mere silver medal-seekers.

  4. Hey, you wouldn't happen to be looking for another kid would you? I'm already potty trained, can feed and clothe myself, have my own job, my own house....As long as I get to participate in 80's day I'll be happy.

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