Monday, August 8, 2016

Retro on the Cheap: Back to the Dolla Store!

Out running some errands today and had to make a stop at The Dollar Tree. While there I found a few new things in the trading card section. This time around they had comics. Not the 2 comics and 1 pack of cards for a dollar bundles I love so much, but single "Hot Comics" for $1 each. There were not any real winners out of the bunch, but I did grab a couple.
Captain America # 362 (Marvel, 1989)
Rogue #4 (Marvel, 1995)

I am a sucker for Dollar Tree's "Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs" of cards. It's 30 mixed sport cards for $1. How can you go wrong? This pack contained 27 baseball cards and 3 basketball. Hardly a "Mixed Sport" pack. I am starting to think these packs are a way for Cards One Company to unload all of their commons. They put a Superstar card on the front to suck you in and then you're stuck with 29 cards of players like Mitch Webster or Chris Nabholz. Anyway, here are the highlights:
Next up, the Dollar Tree had special 2 packs of vintage cards for $1! I picked up packs of Fleer Adrenaline (2000), Score Football/Soccer (1992) and TriStar Hidden Treasures Hockey (2006). Nothing great in these packs. Here are a few examples of what was inside.
And lastly I picked up a pack of Star Venus Swimwear International Model Search Limited Edition cards! Yes these were a thing and they are totally 90s! Reminds me of old episodes of the show California Dreams. From the hair to the card design to the day glo bikinis. AMAZING! Take a look for yourself.
Crazy how styles and tastes change so much over time. These cards are a true time capsule of the era. Click the video below and enjoy some more 90s hotness courtesy of Kelly Packard and the rest of the California Dreams band!

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