Friday, July 1, 2016

Advertising Archaeology: Work Edition #2

I work for an affiliate television station and just recently our art director of 34 years retired. It was tasked upon me to clean out his office to make room for a new employee. I was told to keep anything that might have some historical significance to the station. It almost took a week to clean up that office. 34 years is a long time to accrue stuff! Of course some things were not needed for the station, but had some value to me. Here is part 2 of what I dug up:
 Bill Cosby promotional glossy  photos
 People Weekly (February 4, 1985)
Newspaper ad layouts for Perfect Strangers & Webster from the 1986/87 season
Advertisement sheets for Small Wonder & The Marvel Action Universe
These have to be the highlights of the group! I know those Cosby glamour shots by Deb were pretty sweet, but an ad for Small Wonder touting her television dominance in overseas markets like Barbados and Dubai, how can you say this is not the gem? I remember watching this show in the afternoons on the weekend during summer vacation. Looking back today, it was so strange and wrong! It was one of those syndicated shows that ran at random times and you only watched it because there was absolutely nothing else on tv at the time. So you turned on the A/C, grabbed an ice pop and watched Small Wonder followed by What's Happening Now. I had the toys (Dino Riders Raptor/Robocop with cap firing action), but never really watched Dino Riders or the Robocop cartoon show, but it is too amazing to see Dinosaurs and Robots occupy the same page!

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