Thursday, July 7, 2016

Second Hand Score: Black Box & Hot Shots

Went back for my semi-monthly trip to the local Goodwill last week and found a few things. It was not an abundance or retro riches, but all together these three items cost me around $2.50. The most expensive being the Milton Bradley Travel Hot Shot Basketball game.
The World of Teddy Ruxpin Vol. 8 the Faded Fobs (Hi-Tops Video, 1987)
I enjoyed Teddy Ruxpin's adventures as a kid. Never owned the toy. Never owned the tapes. Never even had the books, but one huge memory that sticks out about this cartoon was watching cartoons nonstop at my friends house during a sleepover and one of the tapes was Teddy Ruxpin! It was awesome! I had a shaky memory of Teddy Ruxpin in puppet form giving kids tips on how to stay safe at the end or beginning of each episode. I bought the DVDs on sale and didn't see these on there. Did I just imagine that? I'll have to watch this VHS soon and see if this really was part of the show?
Wasn't that great? Now on to the next Jam!
Black Box: Dreamland CD (RCA, 1990)
Back in the early 90s Techno/House/Dance music was blowin up the radio. One of the bands responsible for this explosion was Black Box. Their album "Dreamland" spawned the hits "Everybody, Everybody" & "Strike It Up"! Great songs. I was more than happy to pick up this CD for $0.25! Here's a tip, always make sure there is a CD in the case when buying from second hand stores. I occasionally find a disc I want and open it to find there was never a CD in the case or it was stolen. Fun fact about Black Box: Martha Wash of "It's Raining Men" fame sang the bands biggest hits, but was represented in their videos by model Katrin Quinol! It's time to get funky!
Now on to the coolest pickup of the week, Hot Shot Basketball!
Hot Shot Basketball: Travel Edition (Milton Bradley, 1992) 
I always wanted this game as a kid and never received it. I think it was the commercial that made me crave the chance to play some table top hoops. To this day I still tell people to "Beat That Hot Shot!" as a form of smack talk. Now, this version I picked up is the "Travel Edition" but the backboard still moves front to back and when you make a shot, the game keeps score. I love it!

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