Friday, July 29, 2016

M.A.S.K: The Puzzle Adventure!

While driving home from a day at the park with the kids one day, we spotted a yard sale at a local church. Of course I made the wife stop the car and pull over. The only thing I was able to procure from this sale was this beautiful M.A.S.K puzzle produced by Golden in 1986. It cost me a whopping $0.50.
Recently, I decided to put this bad boy together and see if all 200 pieces were still in the box or did I get ripped off by a 6 year old girl? The box was dumped out on the living room floor and a little over an hour later, this masterpiece of accomplishment appeared!
ALL THE PIECES WERE STILL THERE! After 30 years every piece was there. I hadn't done a puzzle with so many pieces in a long time and when I started working on it, I had thoughts of giving up. But it became a personal goal and challenge to finish this puzzle. When I put the last piece in, I can't describe the feeling of proud accomplishment I felt. It was like I was on my own personal M.A.S.K mission and now was able to feel the relief of a job well done. This is what I spent my evening doing. Is that sad?
Click the video below and enjoy the pilot episode of the M.A.S.K cartoon from 1985. Now try and get the theme song out of your head. You're welcome!

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