Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Random Trading Cards: Vol. 2

Today I'll be taking you back to the days of cardboard cards, stale chunks of pink chewing gum and wax wrappers...yet again. We will be taking a look at 5 old trading cards! I loved collecting cards as a kid. Baseball, Ninja Turtles, Superheroes it didn't matter. I just loved opening a pack and smelling the gum and seeing if you had opened a pack with new cards or more doubles! The stickers were always the premium pieces, but having a few extras to trade never hurt. Let's open this pack of awesomeness and take a look at 5 random cards from the 80s & 90s:
Batman: Saga of The Dark Knight (Skybox, 1994)
I really enjoyed these cards when they came out. This 100 card set followed the events of Batman's life starting from the "Year One" story arc to the point where Batman regains his identity after Bane breaks his back. The cards are not just reprints of comic pages, but new art from some big names like Matt Wagner and Phil Jimenez. Saga of The Dark Knight also had some sweet chase sets including Spectra-Etch cards and the first SkyDisc!
The Creators Universe (Dynamic Entertainment, 1993)
I never bought any of these cards growing up and do not really know much about this set. From what I've seen, I believe Dynamic Entertainment grabbed a bunch of comic creators and let them create their own characters. They then turned these into a 100 card set. The card I found is a foil chase card of Adam Kubert's character Sgt. Major Acre, a British spy subjected to experiments by a group of terrorists. I don't think I'm interested in collecting this set?
Garbage Pail Kids Flashback: Series 2 (Topps, 2011)
This isn't exactly a retro card, but it is a reprint of "Off The Wall Paul", a character from GPK Series 2. I don't know why it is titled as "Sewer Sue"? I remember having this sticker when I was 5 years old and putting it on the bottom drawer of my dresser along with other Garbage Pail Kids. When we would play with our Ghostbusters action figures, they would walk by Paul and we would pretend they were in some sort of haunted museum!
Power Rangers: Series 1 (Collect-A-Card, 1994)
Who didn't like Power Rangers back in the early 90s? My little brother was a huge fan. So, I enjoyed these guys through his fandom. I was a little "too old" around that time to like things like this, but I still made time to play Power Rangers with my little brother and collect the cards. This one features Bulk & Skull, the bullies/comedy relief of the show. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would have been stale if not for this dynamic duo!
Spider-Man II: 30th Anniversary Set (Comic Images, 1992)
Comic Images put out a ton of cards sets just like this in the 90s and they all looked the same! Whether it was Punisher, X-men or Youngblood the cards had the same look. The front had bright art with little background and no boarder and the backs were 2 colors with a side pic and short story/description. I'm not knocking it, but a little variety between sets would have been nice. Also, most of Comic Images sets like Spider-Man II included "Prism Cards" as their chase set. I opened each pack hoping to get one of these with no luck! I guess that's the thrill of the chase...card!

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