Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tecmo Bo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few days ago I was talking about how much I idolized Mr. Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson as a kid. Of course me and my friends played Tecmo Bowl on the NES and just like many other kids, we had a "NO RAIDERS RULE"! Bo Jackson was just too crazy good and if you picked the Raiders it was an automatic win. Even if you picked his damn running play on defense, your opponent could break the tackles, run through the backers and gain at least 20 yards!
So, you can imagine how badly I bugged out when I saw that KIA Motors had put together a campaign for their 2017 Sorento featuring BO JACKSON on the Tecmo Bowl field. HOLY CRAP!!! Watch the videos and bask in the glory for yourself...Oh yeah, the NFL season starts tonight too. Gotta get that fantasy lineup locked!
This one has The Boz!

9/9/16 UPDATE: While watching the NFL 2016 Season Kickoff Game last night between the Panthers and the Broncos, Bo Jackson was spotted again! This time he was playing Tecmo Bowl while drinking an ice cold Bud Light in a Raiders can! ENJOY!!!

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  1. Words can't explain how effing cool these commercials are!!!!!!!Holy sh%$!