Monday, September 12, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Blind Baggin it!

This week's challenge is titled "Buying Blind". Who doesn’t love gambling on a blind box or mystery package? I for one, love it...if the price is right!
I found these Garbage Pail Kids Minikins blind bags at the Dollar Tree the other day. Who could pass these up for only $1! These were released by Topps in 2013. Each pack comes with 4 figures and 4 stickers. The reason I picked this pack is because I could see it had Nasty Nick the vampire from series 1 in it! Perfect for this time of the year!
Oooooo! Creepy! I love this guy! My only complaint is that the figure does not include the "Barbie Doll" in his arms like the original card did. I understand I am asking too much from a 1 inch tall mini-figure, but I'm kind of a jerk like that! Otherwise it is pretty accurate to his 1985 card.
Also included in the "Blind" portion of the pack I got the always popular Mr. Adam Bomb, Brainy Janie and Anna Banana. For $1, these things are great! They have the squishy, rubbery feel of a Squinky, but the paint and mold detail is awesome for the size!
Also included were 4 mini stickers of each of the characters contained in the bag. Each sticker has original Garbage Pail Kid art on the front and a nice little bio write up on the back.
There are 26 Minikins to collect in this series. Each in a blue, red, green, ultra rare yellow and painted variation. If these are still at the Dollar Tree next time I make a visit, I'll probably grab another bag. I really do enjoy the suspense and surprise of a good blind bag toy!
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  1. If I can find these, I'm getting some! Thanks for the heads up. These look great and yeah I would hope to find the vamp as well due to this time of year.

  2. Hey, a relatively new blog to add to my reading list thanks to the PCL!

    You can't go wrong for a buck I say!

    1. Thanks Dex! I have been a reader of your blog "AEIOU...and Sometimes Why" for a while. I really enjoy your Monthly Movie Recaps.

    2. Thanks! I sometimes wonder if I'm posting it for anyone but me lol

  3. It's amazing to me that GPK is still a thing. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but with all the PC-minded people out there, how has this product line survived? Oh, and I'll be going to the Dollar Tree now. ;)