Friday, June 3, 2016

Retro Reading Corner: Simpson Mania (1990)

Simpson Mania was released in 1990 through Publications International Ltd. I purchased this book originally through the fantastic Troll Book Club while in the 4th grade. This was a must have for any Simpsons fan, and at that time everyone was a fan!
This came out during the height of Simpson craziness and all the kids on the school yard black top poured over every image in the book and all our minds were blown when we read how the voice of Bart was really A GIRL!!! This had been the source of rumor around school, but now it was finally confirmed and worlds were changed.
I recently found a spiral bound copy of Simpson Mania at a local thrift store and didn't even think twice about grabbing it up. Looking back through the book, I loved the 90s artwork and layouts. It made me remember how big the Simpsons really were. Everywhere you went there were bootleg and official Simpsons shirts, buttons, video games and posters. It truly was amazing!
Of course I owned some of these items and remember the backlash of the whole "Underachiever and proud of it" merchandise. A friend of mine received this poster for his birthday and his mom promptly confiscated it. This only led to us wanting more of the Simpsons as a rebellion against our parents. If they didn't approve of it, we wanted it!
Overall Simpson Mania does a good job of giving information on how the Simpsons went from a series of Tracey Ullman shorts to world wide phenomenon! It also contains profiles on the characters & voice actors, show summaries and lots of cool pictures...oh and TRIVIA!!!!

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