Monday, June 27, 2016

Skybox Basketball Cards 90-91

Do you remember Skybox basketball cards? They were unlike anything sports card collectors had seen before. They were the future of trading cards in 1990. Computer graphics! Candid pictures! Complex stats! They had me at computer graphics. Before these cards came out in 1990 most cards had a boarder and a picture of the featured player. Skybox upped the game and made each card a piece of art with crazy digital backgrounds and orange radiating basketballs with speed trails. Every card seemed like it's own highlight clip. There were 2 series that came out that year. 300 cards in Series 1 and 123 cards in series 2. Each pack contained 15 cards. That is huge compared to today's 5 card packs! Let's take a look at those breathtaking futuristic robo-cards from 1990:
Soak it in. Every star patterned, swirly, old school logo, action packed inch of it. Aren't they amazing? And that's just the front of the cards. The backs were a whole other level of craziness to behold!
Mookie Blaylock, Tim Hardaway and Pervis Ellison look like they just got their pictures taken by the third grade photographer on school photo day. The A.C. Green picture is just glorious. Danny Ferry in Italy...priceless!
Along with NBA Hoops cards, I collected these like crazy. My favorite card out of the 423 set was of course Michael Jordan! I didn't pull him from these packs, but I do have one in my collection. I hope you enjoyed this trip down the strange, dark alley of 90s sports trading cards. They may not be worth much today, but the memories of ripping a Skybox pack open are worth a lot to me.

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